Just as Jub Mönster was once able to seduce us and our perception with his large-scale murals, he has managed to do the same in these works with perfect skill.
The figures, which in his watercolors and paintings still scurry across the picture accompanied by the dark shadows of their bodies, moving along a single plane, specifically that of the painted paper or canvas. The surface is real, the space suggested by the figures is an illusion, and thus a figment of our imagination. However, our brain is not geared to take in both of these at once because it always wants to see what it knows: Namely that a human body is first and foremost a figure in space. And a piece of paper with lots of notes stuck to it, or a canvas covered with marks, remains just a surface. Our brain cannot cope with both at the same time. Or it vacillates, becomes uncertain, and leads us to false conclusions. Jub Mönster executes this special and refined method of creating a collage or montage of different pictorial realities with ultimate perfection and a passionate will to find completely new forms or methods of artistic expression without revealing his commitment to reality as a space for artistic scope. He is thus not an outsider but rather one of the most exceptional “non-marketable” artists of our post-modern present.

Prof. Dr. Bernd Küster
Director of the "Museumslandschaft Hessen"