And he is also a wonderful storyteller: He recounts the immemorial story of
finding oneself in a foreign place, arriving somewhere where everything is out of joint, and it is precisely because of this that one realizes what it is all about: knowledge and truth, deceit and fiction. In his pictures, what we consider realistic – one might even say: trusted or recognizable – collides with the fictive realm.

The protagonists who find their way into Mönster's works – somehow disturbing but yet mysteriously enlivening – come from our real world. But as a storyteller of novels, films and comics, Jub Mönster artfully displaces their settings and actors to the point where nothing really matches up anymore. His carefully outfitted creatures are brutally exposed and – in Heidegger's sense of “being thrown” into the world – they become strayers, wanderers, the modern nomads of existence, even though this is broken each time by the subtle and aesthetic humor of their creator.

Rainer B. Schossig